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We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer

At Credence, we consider all applicants equal, disregarding gender, race, age, origins, sexual orientations, or disability. We welcome highly-skilled and experienced professionals and graduates alike to our organization and work hard to empower our employees and help them achieve more.

Development Roles

Join us as we develop innovative products that take businesses to the next level.

4+ years of experience in Node.js and Express (or similar framework). Expertise in REST API design and development.

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3+ years of experience. Expert in PHP/Python, MySQL. Hands-on CSS. Familiarity with front end frameworks like React, Vue.

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7+ years of strong PHP development background. Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Solid experience in REST API design and implementation.

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2+ years of experience in Node.js and Express (or similar framework). Knowledge of REST architecture. Familiarity with NoSQL.

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Creative Roles

Create long-lasting impressions through your creativity.

3+ years of experience in designing user-friendly and eye-catching UX. Strong knowledge in building wireframes and user stories.

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Excellent writing and editing skills. Working knowledge of major CMSs. Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications.

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Operational Roles

Drive flawless execution of tasks across all teams and keep everyone together. 

5+ years of experience. Human resource management. Employee appraisals, counseling, and training.

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