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Updated on - Feb 08, 2021
Thank you for visiting our site. Please review our Terms of Use thoroughly as they are a legally binding agreement between you, the visitor, and Credence.

Legal Notice

These Terms of Use apply to all content under the domain www.cred.9dots.com.

The use of this Site is completely voluntary and by continuing to use this site, navigating within its webpages, or interacting with any of its features the Site, you fully comprehend and agree to all the Terms of Use and references to other Terms and Policies mentioned throughout this document unconditionally. It also signifies that you have reached or surpassed the age of 13 and are legally permitted to access our site as per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Credence solely reserves the right to update the Terms listed on this page without notice at its discretion.

If you do not accept any of the following Terms and Conditions, please, leave this website immediately.

All headings in this agreement are for the sake of convenience, and they do not under any circumstances limit or affect these the following Terms of Use.

General conditions

Credence reserves the right at its discretion to refuse or terminate service to anyone at any time.

You fully comprehend that your personal information, excluding credit card information; collected from you when you use our site may be transferred in an unencrypted state, transmitted over various networks, and altered to conform to the technical requirements of connecting networks and devices.

You hereby agree not to copy, reproduce, sell or misuse any part of the services, service access, or any contact point on this site through which our service is provided without our express permission.

Gathering of your Personal Information

Any personal information submitted to our site falls under our Privacy Policy unless it is stated by us. Voluntary submission of your personal information may be required to access some products and services available on this Site, and by submitting this information, you understand and acknowledge that you are bound by any available terms applicable thereon.

Newsletters and mailing lists

When users voluntarily subscribe to our mailing lists, we will send them the newsletters as requested. Credence will not disclose any of your private information or email address to third-party sites. You have the option to opt-out of our mailing list by following the prompts given at the bottom of our newsletter emails or getting in touch with us directly with your request.

We enter all your contact details and information collected from you when you subscribe to our mailing list into our CRM and newsletter distribution list by default. If you do not want to be added to our list, you can set your preferences when you submit your subscription form.

Phone calls

Whenever you call Credence for inquiries, we may record or monitor your calls for quality purposes. By participating in telephone conversations with any of our representatives, you are expressly indicating your consent to be recorded or monitored throughout the conversation.

Licensing, copyright, and trademarks

All content included on the https://techcredence.com/ domain including text, image, images, and other forms of media content, designs, layouts, and content styles is fully owned by Credence and third-party sites that have given Credence permission to use their content.

Unless stated otherwise, the copyright and intellectual property rights to all material on the site are owned by Credence or its licensors.

Parts of this Site, material, and content shall not be reproduced by any other site or stored in any public or private electronic retrieval and storage systems without express consent from Credence in written form.

Prohibited Activities & Visitor Obligations

In addition to the restrictions set forth by our Terms of Use, all visitors and users of our Site are prohibited from:

  1. Breaching or infringing any applicable laws, regulations, or infringing the intellectual property rights and copyright laws.
  2. Soliciting parties into partaking in unlawful acts.
  3. Uploading, posting, or submitting untrue, manipulated, or falsified information.
  4. Harassing, abusing, defaming, demeaning, humiliating, coercing, vilifying, or victimizing others based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, disability, or country of origin through posts, content, comments, and feedback.
  5. Uploading and dispersing viruses and malicious software, obscene, unlawful, and offensive material, and content that infringes any copyright, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.
  6. Falsifying their identity, impersonation, and misrepresentation.
  7. Upload, post, use, transmit, or otherwise make available, including by e-mail, (each, a “Post”) any content or information that is false or inaccurate.
  8. Transmit any materials, items, information, or content that infringes or otherwise violates any patent, copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property rights.
  9. Spamming, hacking, scraping, phishing, pharming, or pretexting of any kind.
  10. Obstructing any service or security features of the Site.

We reserve the right to terminate services, website usage, and related features upon violation of any one of the prohibited uses stated above, and the user will be subjected to the laws applicable.

Credence shall cooperate fully with any law enforcement authorities, warrants, or court order by the Indian law and will disclose all information as directed including the identity, location, and private information of users who violate these Terms.

Service Access

While Credence works hard to ensure that the Site is accessible to all visitors 24 hours a day, we shall not be held liable if for any reason the site is unavailable at any time and for any period.

We may limit or suspend access to this site without prior notice due to unforeseeable circumstances such as systems failure, site repair, scheduled maintenance, or any other situations we cannot control.


All submissions made to us by users including all material, content, or information submitted, posted, or uploaded to our site, e-mail, or third-party provider including questions, suggestions, and comments automatically become the property of Credence. By submitting such material, you hereby transfer all your interest, rights, and/or entitlements to them, including and without any limitations whatsoever all related patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. We are under no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any submissions, excluding information protected by our Privacy Policy. Credence is free to use anything you submit for any purpose without your consent, restriction, and without recompense or compensation.

Third-party links and websites

Throughout our site, you may come across outbound links to third-party websites which we have made available for your convenience. By following these third-party links, you will be immediately redirected to third-party sites that are by extension, exempt from our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and other policies governing this Site. We do not review such sites and we are under no obligation to review any of these sites to verify their authenticity.

We strongly recommend that you carefully and thoroughly review third-party policies and practices before engaging in any transactions. Any concerns, claims, questions, or complaints concerning their products and services should be directed to them. If you choose to access any third-party websites linked to the site, you agree to do so at your own risk.

Protection of Minors

Credence believes in the importance of protecting the rights and privacy of minors online and that is why we do not knowingly collect or store any personal information from children under 18 as per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, (COPPA). Additionally, we do not market our products and services to minors under legal age.

Parents and guardians of minors or wards who have provided us with personally identifiable information should immediately contact us and we will erase their information from our databases. If we find out that we unknowingly collected any identifiable information from minors without the parent or guardian’s consent or prior verification, we will take the necessary measures to erase it from our databases.

Changes to Services and Prices

The prices of our digital products and services are subject to amendments or change without notice.

Credence also reserves the right to amend or discontinue its services, specific portions, or provisions therein without notice at any time.

We shall not be held accountable by users or third-parties for amendments to price, products, and services, or discontinuation of services at any time.

Governing Law

These terms, and any claims concerning Credence’s website, shall be governed and construed under the laws governing India.

If a court of jurisdiction finds any provisions for the Terms of Use to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions are subject to enforcement in full effect to the intent of the Terms of Use. Failure to enforce these terms must not be considered a waiver of the provisions and rights described in these terms.

Dispute resolution and arbitration

To expedite dispute resolution and relieve the cost of and dispute or claim arising from your use of Credence’s website, its Service, or this Terms of Use Agreement, you, the user, and Credence agree to first attempt to negotiate any arising dispute out of court for at least 30 days before initiating any out-of-court settlement or arbitration.

This informal negotiation will commence upon written notice provided by Credence. Your personal information, including place of residence (for purposes of sending said notice) as well as the email address for an electronic copy of the notice, shall be used from Credence’s database to establish further communication.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability Limitations

All content and material on this domain are provided “as-is”. We make no warranties, expressed or otherwise implied to any terms, including conditions of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property, and any other terms of use.

While we do our best to ensure that the accuracy of all information, material, and content available on our website, we do not warrant its accuracy or reliability. Credence reserves the right to make amendments without notice to any of the products and services, material, content, or information on the Site.

We shall not be held accountable for any outdated material and we are under no obligation to update such content.

Resolution of Disputes and Arbitration

You, the user, agree to attempt to settle any disputes with us out of court for at least 30 days before initiating any out-of-court settlement or arbitration.

This informal negotiation will begin once a notice provided by Credence is presented to you in written form. We shall use your personal information, including the area of residence (for the sole purposes of sending the above-stated notice) and email address to send an electronic copy of the notice. This information shall be obtained from Credence’s database to establish contact and further communication with you.

Payment Policy

You fully consent to Credence and all payment processing services providers available on the Site to charge and process any payments made through your debit card, credit card, and other modes of payment for any of the services and products offered on this Site. You herewith warrant that you are the only party that will make any payments on our Site and holds the sole responsibility for any uses of your debit card, credit card, and other payment methods in your name. All payments made to Mecca of Fitness are non-refundable unless stated otherwise.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Credence, its successors, subsidiaries, partners, affiliates, agents, contractors, subcontractors, service providers, suppliers, employees, and interns harmless from all demands and claims including sensible attorney’s fees by any third party that we incur resulting from your breach of our Terms of Use, reference documents they incorporate and violations of third-party laws.

Entire Agreement

All Terms stated on this page account for the entire agreement of all parties involved and they supersede any preceding and/ or currently existing agreements between you, the user, and Credence. Waivers to the provisions of these Terms will be considered legitimate only if they are authorized by a member of Credence in writing.

Contact Us

Credence is welcome to any questions, feedback, and concerns regarding our Terms of Use. You can connect with us via email at reachus@techcredence.com or call us at +91 771-892-1366 and a Credence representative will help you with your requests.